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Meet Dreadless, an eight piece roots reggaeband from Dordrecht, The Netherlands.


Their music sounds like 70's roots with a modern flavor. Inspirated by artists like Burning Spear, Third World, Dennis Brown, Steel Pulse and Culture the band is known for making original music.

The band has worked with different singers for the past years, but since 2019 the band is the exclusive backingband of E-Mann.


E-Mann was born in Dominica and has lived in St Martin until the huricane Irma destroyed almost everything on the island.

After losing his house and his company, he moved to The Netherlands. In 2018 he started performing with The Royal Roots Band and The Forward Family Band.

2019 is the year he joined forces with Dreadless. Together they released two singles: Show me Fava and Give me Strength.

On stage E-Mann & Dreadless bring you energy, action, empowerment, spirituality, motivation and love. 

Even on the biggest stages in the world, E-Mann connects to each and everyone in an atmosphere of unity.


So make sure you are there when E-Mann & Dreadless perform, because they will mash up the place!!!

Dreadless Kleur.jpg
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